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Introducing the best way to protect your figure skate boots during training and keep them competition ready. Skate Wraps are an easy alternative to the traditional "Skate Tape", they give a much cleaner look and are much easier to put on. You no longer have to cut and trim layered Skate Tape that looks messy. Use our clean cut, easy to put on and remove Skate Wraps..   

  • The Skate Wrap is designed to fit any make, model or brand skate. This includes figure skates and quad roller skates. Please see the sizing guide in the product pictures to see which size Skate Wrap will best fit your skates. This material is extremely durable and flexible so can be stretched, re-applied and maneuvered to fit any model skate.
  • Customize the look of your skates by sticking the Skate Wrap to the outside of your ice and or roller skate. The skate Wrap is easily removable and will not leave behind any adhesive when taken off. If stored properly, you can re-apply the skate wrap after you take them off.
  • The Skate Wrap material will help protect your skate boot from scratches, preserving your actual boot for when you need it most. 
  • Each Skate Wrap set comes with 10 pieces to customize your pair of skates (5 pieces to cover each skate) and is accompanied by two laces to match the Skate Wrap. Detailed instructional videos are accessible through scanning the QR Code on the packaging.
  • Please be advised Skates are not Included when buying the Skate Wraps.

*These are a temporary decoration for your skates.  They will not stay on with significant wear and tear.

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