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Back in Black!

The Chaya Karma Pro Skates are the third generation of Chaya's go-to park skate. The boots are made with a glass-fiber reinforced composite mixed with real and nano-leather which is durable and lightweight. They come with Chaya's Shari Plate which is mounted onto the boot with the dual-point mounting system. This is a new way of mounting for rollerskates but is familiar to inline skates. They're mounted on with two bolts which allows you to move the position of your plate from front to back with a bit of room to also adjust the plate from side to side on the front of the boot. The XTNDR trucks from Chaya are new, strong and very versatile. They are made of solid forged aluminum and have replaceable chrome steel axles, which are sold in various lengths so that you can customize the width of your wheelbase!


The Shari Plate is made out of strong glass-fiber reinforced plastic and has pre-installed asymmetrical grind blocks that are unique to Chaya. The Chaya Controller toe stops are adjustable with a set screw, while the 100A Firebolt Wheels spin on  Wicked ABEC-9 Bearings.


Note! Grind Blocks are sized as follows: Small (EU36-38), Medium (EU39-43), Large (EU44-46)
Discipline Park
Customization Not Available


XTNDR Axles 
The XTNDR Axles are made of chromo steel and allow you to exchange your trucks for different lengths with the XTNDR Trucks. The trucks or hangers are made of aluminum and have a clamp system that houses the axles making it easy to try different wheelbases without getting new trucks!
Dual Center Mounting (DCM) 
DTS is a new way of mounting rollerskates but is familiar to inline skaters. The mounting uses an adjustable screw that sits directly beneath the middle of the trucks and allows you to loosen the screw to adjust your plate both laterally and side to side in the front of the boot. 
Power Toe System (PTS)
Following the natural shape of the foot, PTS allows the toes to have more contact with the boot which in turn provides more power, speed, and control. Plus it reduces stress on the toe area for enhanced comfort for long skates.
Offset Toe Stop
The toe stopper has been slightly shifted to the inside and closer to the big toe which aligns with the natural shape of the foot. This elevates performance for quicker acceleration when starting to skate and provides much more effective stopping power.


Boot Chaya Karma Pro
Boot Material Polyurethane-Suede Leather, Leather
Outsole Material Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic
Liner Material Microfiber
Vegan No
Heat Moldable Yes
Plate Chaya Shari
Baseplate Material Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic
Kingpin Angle 20°
Cushions 15mm Barrel, 12mm Cone
Wheels Chaya Firebolts
Wheel Size 58x32mm
Wheel Hardness 100A
Bearings WCD Wicked ABEC-9
Bearing Size 608 (8mm)
Toe Stop Chaya Controller Short Stem
Toe Stop Type Adjustable 5/8" (Imperial)
Lock Mechanism Clamp w/ 5mm Hex Screw

Sizing Chart

Skate sizing can differ from skate to skate and it is generally very different from shoe sizing. We strongly recommend using foot length to determine your skate size. Detailed instructions on how to measure your feet can be found in our Learning Center by Clicking Here.

Skate Size Foot Length (mm) Approximate US Size
EU36 229 M5.0 / W6.0
EU37 236 M5.5 / W6.5
EU38 242 M6.0 / W7.0
EU39 248 M7.0 / W8.0
EU40 255 M7.5 / W8.5
EU41 261 M8.0 / W9.0
EU42 268 M9.0 / W10.0
EU43 275 M10.0 / W11.0
EU44 282 M10.5 / W11.5
EU45 289 M11.0 / W12.0
EU46 296 M12.0 / W13.0