​Bike Path Etiquette

Posted by Drew Scary on 22nd Feb 2021

​Bike Path Etiquette

With so many people getting outside during the pandemic, I thought I might put together a Boardwalk/Bike Path Etiquette list for those who may be new, or those who probably need a reminder.

1. Don't stop in the path: Are you staring at your phone while walking across the bike path, and suddenly you can no longer multitask so you stop to think of an inspirational quote to caption your sunset photo post on Instagram? Please don't. Even if you need to stop for some water, or to reapply the chapstick that you bought 8 days ago and miraculously haven't lost yet, pull to the side or off the path.
2. Stay to the right: If you're in the Americas, you probably know that you drive in the right lane on our roads. The same goes for bike paths (and aisles in Costco, but that's a whole other debacle). You should only enter the left half of the path if you are passing and no one is barreling toward you with a terrified look on their face.
3. Let faster people pass: Pay attention to others around you. Don't be that person who goes 63 in the left lane on the freeway.
4. Pass people on their left: If you've ever passed a cargo truck on their right, you've likely gotten angry honks or middle fingers. Alert them that you are coming up on their left to pass. I can't tell you how many times my heart has nearly exploded because someone whizzed up far too close and scared the life out of me.

5. Announce hazards: You wouldn't want to ride through a pile of dog poo that someone rudely left on the path, would you? Let people know, whether it's glass, a pothole, rogue poo, sand, or any other potential hazard. If it's safe, pull to the side and remove the hazard, if possible. Maybe someone will do it for you someday.

6. Wear your mask: Wear a mask, even if you're exercising. A surgical mask is light and a great option for when you may be sweaty and breathing a bit heavier. Bring an extra with you in case it gets a bit muggy in there. Studies have shown that masks do not lower your oxygen levels, and caring for ourselves and our community will get us through. As they say in roller derby, the number one rule of roller derby is: Don't be a douchebag.

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