Back in Stock!

Posted by Roller Skate Overlord on 2nd Mar 2021

Back in Stock!

Moxi Trick Wheels

These are great wheels for parks.  They are small and hard wheels that allow you to get the speed for jumps.

They come in a standard leopard tan or neon green.

Boardwalk Skates in Black and Tan.

A high quality outdoor, suede skate setup.  Once these are broken in, they become and extension of your foot.  Sure-Grip brand has been making skates longer than most of us have existed.  They know what's up.

Avanti Plates

Available in Aluminum or Magnesium.  You can't beat the price of $99 for a quality metal plate.  If you're looking to lighten your load, upgrade to the Magnesium.

Cropped Windbreakers

Cute, cropped and great for skating outdoors.  Front pocket for stashing your phone and wallet.