Lenexa Go GRO Adjustable Quad Roller Skate Bundle

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Adjustable from Sizes 3-6

  • PREMIUM PACK - This boys or girls skates pack is ideal for beginners. We’ve designed it to include all of the essentials your child will require to keep them safe while they get out and get rolling!
  • SMOOTH ROLLING - Unlike so many other roller skate wheels, ours spin smoothly without that slow and sticky feeling. All of your skate rides will be nice and smooth!
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR - Our skates are specially designed to be environmentally versatile. Whether your child wants to use these roller skates outdoor or indoors, they’ve got you covered!
  • HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE - We believe in quality, which is why we have designed our skating shoes and body pads with quality materials that will last. Unlike many others, ours won’t fall apart, they will hold up during activity!
  • FORM FITTING - Our roller shoes and body padding are form-fitting and run true to their listed size. We believe that your child’s roller skate shoes should fit specially to their body so that they can feel comfortable while skating!