Huck Trucks (4-Pack)

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Made in USA
Low 3” trucks with a 5.75” axle

Designed to be lower and still clear the kingpin on 10' plates*

COMPATIBILITY: Designed, built and tested for the Sure Grip Avanti plate and Sure Grip Rock plates which are both 10'. The Huck Trucks do fit other 10' plates.

Examples of 10' plates: Sure Grip Avanti, Sure Grip Rock, Sure Grip Probe, Reactor Neo, Reactor Pro, Sunlite and Thrust (stock plate on Moxi). 

*Clears the kingpins on all above plates (except Sunlite and Thrust plates, for those plates use these trucks)

Introducing the Huck Trucks! Huck Trucks are specifically designed for roller skating by roller skaters.

How are Huck Trucks different than the rest? THEY SIT LOWER to the ground yet still clear the kingpin!Low profile design for more stable skating
Compatible with 10' plates (Avanti, etc)
kingpin clearance on all 10' plates (except Sunlite and Thrust)
Accommodates both roller skate and skateboard wheels
Weight is 5 ounces per truck
Made of prime grade virgin alloy
Available in 4 colors while supplies last
Comes with pivot cups
Set of 4 trucks