Disco Glam Roller Skates - Teal Glitter

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Disco Glam Roller Skates

The Disco Glam by Crazy Skates is a glamorous pair of glitter roller skates that were designed to make a statement anywhere they roll, either on the street or in the rink. With their striking two-tone glitter boots, which are padded and supportive, along with their solid urethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings, these skates will move as good as they look! The Glam's high quality build and style make them perfect for skating at the rink, the boardwalk, and anywhere in-between. Drop this glitter bomb into your life today!

Glitter-Infused Fun

These skates are made with Crazy Skates’ glitter-infusion process, which allows us to give them a depth of color and sparkle that you won’t find anywhere else. The striking two-tone boots come in a selection of three colors and coordinating glitter accessories, including glitter laces, glitter wheels and glitter toe stops. They were designed to catch the light and to sparkle and shine, whether at the boardwalk or in the roller rink.

Peak Performance

The Disco Glam isn’t just another pretty face; it performs just as great as it looks! The skates feature alloy plates and trucks to provide a stable skate surface and ABEC 7 bearings to ensure a buttery smooth roll. The high cut boot has metal eye loops which allow you lace as tightly as needed for proper ankle support. Finally, and most important, the signature urethane wheels and toe stops mean that they are built to handle any indoor or outdoor surface.



Eye-Catching Style

These skates are a literal glitter bomb and an absolute fashion statement. They feature a bright glitter infused boot, sparkly wheels, glitter toe stop and shimmering laces. These skates will make you shine!


Top Quality Components

This skate isn't just another pretty face! It is jam packed with high-performance parts, including our ABEC 7 bearings and solid alloy trucks and urethane toe stop.


Indoor/Outdoor Wheels

The Glam is built to roll with our signature Indoor/Outdoor wheels that provide for a buttery smooth skate experience either in the roller rink or on the street.