Skatewytch Pro Wildwheels 8-Pack

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Skatepark Wheels

56mm 98A skate wheel that is best used with long axle trucks.



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    Great for rough skateparks

    Posted by Yesenia on 10th Sep 2021

    I bought these wheels firstly because I love what skatewytch does in the rollerskate community and mostly because she understands not everyone has access to smooth and slick skateparks as the ones you see in the US westcoast. I am sort of new to skateparks and rollerskating in general. I live in Mexico, meaning we don't have good quality skateparks, the ramps surfaces are rough and bumpy so skating in really hard wheels (101A) can be a little bit dangerous if you aren't an experienced skater. I have found these wheels perfect. I skate in Moxi panther skates with regular narrow trucks/no sliders and they feel great. These are my first harder wheels, I used to skate on 82A durometer wheels before and the difference in speed is really noticeable, also I feel way more confident and agile at ramps. I would 100% recommend these wheels as an entry for getting used to harder wheels and for begginer skatepark rollerskaters. Lastly, the color, the shape and the outside design are BEAUTIFUL, and the price you pay for an 8-pack quality wheel, are you kidding me? Absolutely love them!