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Toe Jammers

Price: $18.00
Comes in a 2-pack.
Toe Caps to protect your boots. Made of industrial vinyl with a nearly unbreakable snap. This guard will not move from side to side like conventional toe guards,it actually "hugs" the toe of the boot offering the utmost protection,and will not wear away like leather. Black matte finish. Or you can bake in your oven to fuse perfectly to your skates.

Item Number: Toe Jammers

Product Reviews

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Holey Toe-guard, Batman!
Scissor (Bay Point, CA) 4/13/2011 10:03 AM
No, but really.... I wore through these toe guards in less than a month... not only that, but I didn't like how they pulled on my laaces, which I prefer to keep loose in the toe box.. they also slid a round a bunch even though I did the bake to mold to toe box steps. Anywho.. leather is way better. I went back to the leather reidell toe guards til I can get some of those sick custom leather toe guards. Word!
A wicked toe cover!
Craig Van Buren (Ventura, CA) 4/6/2011 7:57 PM
I do a lot of toe maneuvering while jam reffing and outside pack reffing and my biggest issue with toe guard are when they move around and get all jacked up to one side. The Toe Jammer toe guards stay put and provide you with stability and awesome support when you have toe transition in a tight space. I highly recommend them for reffing, jamming and just all around free-style skating.

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