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Cheezeballs Precision Skate Bearings

Price: $45.00


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16 Bearings per pack.

Cheezeball Bearings was founded by people with a passion to find the best quality, most durable and longest-lasting bearings for the cheapest possible price, and to pass those savings along to the men and women that make this growing sport so great!

Due to the unique stresses Roller Derby puts on skate bearings selecting the right setups was no easy task. Bearings should first and foremost be tough and durable in order to stand up to the hard hits that top level derby skaters encounter. They must be fast and smooth, since any increase in bearing efficiency results in a longer roll and less physical effort to maintain consistent speed, which results in faster lap times and more points per jam. They must be durable and require less maintenance, since very few skaters take the time to properly clean and lube their bearings. And finally they must be as corrosion resistant as possible, since we all know most bearings spend most of their lives stuffed in a steamy, salty (and usually pretty stinky) skate bag; there is nothing worse than rusty bearings!!!

All Cheezeball bearings are 8mm.

Cheddar Bearings

  • Balls: Chrome Steel
  • Cage Material: Full Bronze Cage
  • Races: Chrome Steel with corrosion-resistant coating

  Cheezeball Cheddars are everything you want in a steel ball bearing at an affordable price.  These chrome steel bearings feature a full rustproof coating on both deep groove races with a full BRONZE cage keeping the steel balls in place.  Bronze is not only lighter and naturally rustproof but also “slipperier” than the usual steel cages found in most other bearings, which translates into a faster responding and longer rolling bearing that is less prone to seizure when compared to all steel units.  These are perfect for all skaters from beginner to advanced who want a good consistent and durable roll without breaking the bank.

Gouda Bearings

  • Balls: Pressed Zirconium Fiber Ceramic
  • Cage Material: Nylon Retainers
  • Races: Chrome Steel with corrosion-resistant coating

  Cheezeball Goudas are an excellent, affordable way to step up into the wonderful world of ceramic bearings.  The benefits of ceramic balls are numerous; ceramic balls are made out of some of the hardest materials on earth, which translates into a fast, LONG roll. They require less maintenance as a result and don’t require as much lubrication, which increases bearing response and reduces the amount of contaminants picked up and retained by the bearing.  Since ceramic balls are much harder than the steel races they come in contact with they act as dressing stones, effectively self-healing small imperfections on the race surface. Zirconium fiber ceramic is the most shatter-resistant ceramic available in skate bearings so these bearings are designed to handle hard hits and keep rolling. Combine those great qualities with corrosion-proof nylon cages and rustproofed deep groove chrome steel races and you have a great, long lasting ceramic bearing at a price no one else can touch!

Premium Swiss Bearings

  • Balls: Silicon Nitride Cermaic
  • Cage Material: Nylon Retainers
  • Races: 440 Stainless Steel

  Cheezeball Swiss Bearings are the culmination of almost 2 years of real world roller derby testing.  These are the best bearings that you will ever skate on, period.  We started out with Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, one of the hardest ceramic compounds in the world.  This is the same material that is used in aerospace applications and is capable of 35,000RPM at over 500 degrees!  We then paired them with no rust, SELF HEALING deep groove 440 stainless steel races and completely noncorrosive nylon cages and built them to ABEC 7 tolerances.  440 Stainless steel is slightly softer than chrome steel races, which allows the insanely hard Silicon Nitride ceramic balls to “dress out” small scratches and imperfections in the bearing race, resulting in THE SMOOTHEST, LONGEST LASTING ROLL EVER at a price that’s nearly half of any other high end ceramic bearing available.  With occasional cleaning and lube these bearings will last longer than any other you’ve tried!

Item Number: Cheezeballs Precision Skate Bearings

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