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Atom Poison Wheels

Price: $30.00


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Sold in 4-packs.

Made for derby! All nylon hubs. 

Poison Slim:
59mm X 38mm, 84A hardness
Great for all indoor floors

Poison Slim:
62mm X 38mm, 84A hardness
Great for all indoor floors

Poison Regs:
62mm size, 44mm wide, 84A hardness
Great for indoor/coated tracks, slick sport courts, banked tracks & dirty wood floors.

Item Number: Atom Poison Wheels 4-pack

Product Reviews

(17 Ratings, 14 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great for dirty floors/ watch out for sticky ones
Freewheel (Troy, NY) 7/28/2011 8:33 AM
One of the teams I ref for, the entire team just about uses these wheels. Our venue has the worst wood floor I've ever skated on. (Plywood stapled down in places, zippers from water damage, etc) Poisons work great. I did mess up my leg a little bit the other night when I was at the rink and I think the wheel had something to do with it. On the dirty wood floor I usually have a pusher setup with my flat-outs and my poisons. I love it. The other night, I forgot to switch to my flat-outs complete set for skating at the rink. Beautiful wood floor that is pretty sticky now that it is refinished and it was super humid that night. I was shadowing the other jam ref on the inside track and my wheel stuck to the floor mid turn. I ended up slightly twisting my knee and ankle on the same leg in-between turns one and two. I wouldn't use these wheels on every surface, but dirty wood floors and slick stuff I love them. Just be careful of good floors and humidity. Then, these wheels are to sticky.
Your gift, your curse
Amy Leary - Thugz & Kissez (Springfield, MO) 4/12/2011 5:38 AM
I purchased these bad boys when our polished wooden floor was near freezing and I was sliding at higher speeds. They were proper grip for that situation and my body type (bodacious booty blocker). However, the advertisement for ALL floors may be a bit misleading. With the season change and the floor significantly warmer, I could not perform the WFTDA 25 in 5 because I was too sluggish. Perhaps my weight in conjunction with the warm wood, but switching to a harder wheel while using the Poisons as pushers was much better after the weather change.
Sure Investment
Jedi Nightmare (Roller Derby Anonymous) 4/11/2011 6:00 PM
These are by far the BEST wheels I have ever skated on. I have used them on slick concrete, a gym floor with slick spots, some funky cork board/concrete surface and outside in variable terrains. I've never had a problem with them, and feel comfortable on any surface I skate with them on. They are the perfect combination for grip and speed. The best thing about them is the cost (very reasonable) and the quality. I've had them since September 2010, and they still work perfectly. I recommend them to anyone who asks. Buying this wheel is a sure investment. I currently skate on the wides, and can't wait till they wear out so I can get a pair of the narrows! However, judging on how long they've lasted so far, it will probably be a while. I just might have to spring for the narrows anyway. :o)
they better work..
Mandy Maggots (Broadview Hts., OH) 4/9/2011 8:25 AM
It might just be my skating style but, I had a practice the other day and we have worn slick wood floor thinking this would be a great time to break them in before our bout, they just stuck like glue to the track keeping me from maneuvering fast enough. forget about skating timed laps with these wheels on that wood surface,maybe if I was 70 lbs It would have worked out for me. all I really know at this point is that they better grip sweeter on slick concrete with large cracks everywhere.
I love atom wheels!
Bran Bam 88 From Hidden City Derby Girls (oceanside, CA) 4/8/2011 11:58 PM
At first I was afraid to buy them cause I'm a heavy skater,mostly my wheels are 92 or 93 so i can get some speed and a lil grip.I was told they are 2x times better than SG sugars.My team mate talked me into buying wheels and I did.I love them I go street skating and i skate outdoors on concrete,I haven't tryed them on wooden floors yet.

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