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Agility for Roller Derby - DVD

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Announcing the first LiveLoveDerby instructional DVD: Agility For Roller Derby! This DVD is produced by Bonnie D. Stroir, edited by award winning Vince Tennant (Los Angeles) and incorporates the learning tenants of deliberate practice: a method used by athletes in every sport to ensure proper technique and form.

Included in the DVD: in depth break downs, including a video glossary of terms like edges, weight placement, how to get more bouncy, line drills, cone drills, hockey stops and a few tips about the mental aspects of training.

Deliberate practice (as revealed in the books The Talent Code and Talent is Overrated) techniques include: breaking down the steps to their simplest form, observing technique in slow motion, modified versions (with Isabelle Ringer) for beginners, and how to utilize both structured and organic practice. These methods (all intentionally utilized in the DVD) invite breakthroughs, correct past "bad habits", and most importantly: make you more agile for roller derby.

Item Number: Agility for Roller Derby - DVD

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