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Roll Line Super Professional Toe Stops - US THREAD (STANDARD)

Price: $33.99

* Pair: Roll Line Professional Rubber Stops available in US Standard (to fit most US plates including Sure Grip and Powerdyne) threads.  Natural Color.

About Roll Line Stops
Roll Line stops come in different material formulas (and shapes), each created to deliver specific performance. 

  • "Standard" stops are made of a formula that includes rubber, clay and plastic.  They are the firmest Roll Lines and the least expensive.
  • "Pro" stops are made of rubber and plastic, which offers a great mix of rebound, abrasion and durability.
  • "Super Pro" stops are 100% rubber.  Rubber has the most rebound (bounce), abrasion, durability and grip.
  • "Super Pro Jump" stops are rubber and urethane, which features all the performance of the Super Pro, but with more rebound and durability.
Item Number: Super Professional Toe Stops

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